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Laughter IS the best medicine

Sometimes humor creeps in when the situation least appears funny.  I suggested to Jean that the rest of the family suffered along with her, and she told me to go away, get the hell out, and said a number of … Continue reading

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I often want to say thank you to the people that have shared their last moments with me.  I made this statement the other day, “Every death I’ve been at is such a unique experience.” “Really?”  My husband asked me and I elaborated … Continue reading

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I was jokingly told this quote last week: “Man is the head…..but woman is the neck and she can turn the head anyway she wants.”* For Bob, this is no joke, but his daily reality: his wife moves his head for … Continue reading

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“Thou shalt not kill” in Hebrew means “thou shall not murder”.  Perhaps it seems a moot point, but there is a difference between the two English words. Thou shalt not shed innocent blood unlawfully, via murder, destruction and ruin….an act done to someone … Continue reading

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My last visit with Ida and she grouches a little at Gerry while she tells me she definitely has good days and bad days. “Today is bad.”  This is rare: to hear a cross word exchanged.  Gerry has helped with all the daily chores; … Continue reading

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Dying with dignity?

What a strange phrase, death with dignity. Do we need to say life with dignity? (How many things that we do in life are not dignified, but are still a part of living!) I’m sorry to let people in on … Continue reading

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