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Don’t call me morbid because I’ve spent the past few days preparing obituary examples.  I’ll be using these for a class of young people to demonstrate a bit of what “legacy” means: something left behind when you are gone.  This … Continue reading

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Guest blog: “Death Cafe”–Not Exactly a Last Supper

Thank you to Karen, for sharing her blog. I, too, have been fascinated with the concept of death cafes and enjoyed reading Karen’s story: Before I knew what a “death cafe” referred to, I pictured a collection of skulls clacking … Continue reading

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The phrase, “as simple as the air we breathe”, runs through my mind when I see Dennis, with his ribs and lungs moving with great effort, each labored breath a testimony to his will to survive. Makes we wonder, how … Continue reading

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Laughter IS the best medicine

Sometimes humor creeps in when the situation least appears funny.  I suggested to Jean that the rest of the family suffered along with her, and she told me to go away, get the hell out, and said a number of … Continue reading

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“He’s not usually like this.  He usually is totally in control and has a lot to say.”  Jeff, hearing this comment, opens his eyes briefly to glare at his sister, but with good humor.  He tries to start and finish some thoughts but is … Continue reading

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 This week was the Professor’s final chapter.  He seemed hardly aware of how speedily he was heading towards the end, after so many discussions and his repeated statements of how he was ready and eager to go.  When the time … Continue reading

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