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I am concerned about a new mantra afoot: that palliative care–unlike hospice care– is not “giving up” but is addressing improved symptom management and quality of life (QOL) for all patients with advanced disease.  I  am disappointed as I read … Continue reading

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As 2018 comes to a close, I am remembering a friend who died this year.  Over a period of many months, we had these wonderful talks that seemed a lot like Tuesdays with Morrie,* with moments of her insight shared … Continue reading

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I will be happy if I never hear or read of another palliative or hospice-trained person saying something like, “she should just be the wife (or whatever the role is) and let us be the caregivers”.  “Should’s” are often not … Continue reading

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What will you do with your one wild and precious life?  Mary Oliver. I was thinking about legacy, and how the world shapes us.  There have been so many lives shared with me over the years: some people I have … Continue reading

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There is a question suggested for hospice staff to consider when they talk with people about hospice services.  “Why hospice, why now?”  Ask yourself, what makes this moment in time the reason someone might decide on hospice; what about this … Continue reading

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J. can no longer easily get out of her recliner, and her adult sisters have arrived to help her manage these last days so she can remain in her home.  She tells us at our nursing visit:  “When they (the … Continue reading

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Words can relay many things, but they only share a part of the message.  Even when words aren’t understood, or are unspoken, we can still communicate.  I recently made a visit to a patient who lay in his bed, able … Continue reading

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Perhaps because I heard a blessing, perhaps because I remembered a tune, perhaps because some I loved are gone, and perhaps because another year has gone by…I send this wish to you: May You Always… walk in sunshine Slumber warm … Continue reading

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Bullies might be sorry some day. Who doesn’t have a story about being bullied? I remember being in grade school when there was a bigger girl who always lurked on the sidewalk with a couple of her friends. The three … Continue reading

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We should never become immune to surprise. Too many things can stop us midstream and make us think about the novelty of our experiences. Every person who has been touched by the loss of someone they love has their own … Continue reading

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