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  “The truth is, when you were young, you tied your own belt and went where you wanted, but when you are old, you will put out your hands, and someone else will tie your belt. They will lead you where … Continue reading

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Something I love about my job as a hospice nurse: there are many opportunities to be surprised.  One of my daily mantras is “expect the unexpected”.  As I drove down a switch-back gravel drive in the middle of nowhere, I … Continue reading

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The question is asked in various forms, and goes something like this: “How long do you think she has, then?”  I know the question is coming, and I also know I am limited in my ability to answer with accuracy.  We often … Continue reading

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Laughter IS the best medicine

Sometimes humor creeps in when the situation least appears funny.  I suggested to Jean that the rest of the family suffered along with her, and she told me to go away, get the hell out, and said a number of … Continue reading

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Dying with dignity?

What a strange phrase, death with dignity. Do we need to say life with dignity? (How many things that we do in life are not dignified, but are still a part of living!) I’m sorry to let people in on … Continue reading

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