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Before setting out on my lengthy road trip to an outlying area of the county, I had received the warning that the spouse was a“curmudgeon”.  He had been overly harsh and grumpy with the staff that only yesterday had him signing forms … Continue reading

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It seems that our dinner table is the place for all family levity and includes heavy discussions and lighthearted disagreements.  As we pass around the pasta, we begin pounding out our opinion about a medical study, a friend’s Facebook posting, … Continue reading

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Laughter IS the best medicine

Sometimes humor creeps in when the situation least appears funny.  I suggested to Jean that the rest of the family suffered along with her, and she told me to go away, get the hell out, and said a number of … Continue reading

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As I sat listening to a great jazz rendition of the song “Smile”, I saw Ella in my mind’s eye.  I met her just briefly- in the middle of a humble living room, lying in her hospital bed, pale as the sheet over … Continue reading

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My last visit with Ida and she grouches a little at Gerry while she tells me she definitely has good days and bad days. “Today is bad.”  This is rare: to hear a cross word exchanged.  Gerry has helped with all the daily chores; … Continue reading

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Yes, I actually heard this, “Let’s put the fun back in funeral”.   WOW!  How does that look?  I thought of a few “fun” memories of my own.  A woman who was amazingly talented in theater, as she planned her memorial, wanted it … Continue reading

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“Tis a fearful thing, To love what death can touch”                                                               … Continue reading

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Is it actually possible to live a life without regret? I like to think so: at least to have only minor, insignificant regret. I watched Sally dying slowly, with her daughter providing most of her care as her needs increased incrementally over many … Continue reading

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At times, I am caught off guard by a word or a gesture.  Today, a group of numbers stunned me for a long moment.  I cradled Sara’s arm while I took her blood pressure, and saw the blue-black tattoo along … Continue reading

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 In the Celtic tradition, a thin place is the meeting of something spiritual with our earthly time, a glimpse of the divine…Heaven and earth kiss each other.  Where two worlds intermingle, something happens; inexplicable, sacred and people describe a sense … Continue reading

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