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Like other families, my first real glimpse of home hospice care was when the team came to help my mom care for my dad the last 3 months of his life. I was not new to watching the dying process, … Continue reading

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Some of my family still mention, when reminiscing about my mother, that she was “out of touch” with reality.  My mom had a mental breakdown in her early thirties, (during the 50’s when a lot of women lived in a … Continue reading

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“What they never tell you about grief is that missing someone is the simplest part.”       From Let’s take the long way home by Gail Caldwell My beautiful cousin, having nearly reached the hallmark of five years since the death of … Continue reading

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Yes, I actually heard this, “Let’s put the fun back in funeral”.   WOW!  How does that look?  I thought of a few “fun” memories of my own.  A woman who was amazingly talented in theater, as she planned her memorial, wanted it … Continue reading

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This past week, not far from where I live, someone in a fit of rage killed a number of people he didn’t even know.  An enraged daughter called her mother’s physician because the hospice nurse (me) wouldn’t make her mother comply with a specific … Continue reading

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I have heard in many stories from friends and loved ones, about the reassuring messages sent  from those who have died to those of us left here with feelings of loss and grief that must be journeyed through.  They seem … Continue reading

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 No one wants to hear the words “It‘s actually a blessing,” or “God took them because He needed them more than we did,” or “They had a wonderful life” or “They were just too good for this world”. Never appropriate … Continue reading

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