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“He’s not usually like this.  He usually is totally in control and has a lot to say.”  Jeff, hearing this comment, opens his eyes briefly to glare at his sister, but with good humor.  He tries to start and finish some thoughts but is … Continue reading

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 Hal is one of the most positive people I have met.  I mention this as he is signing up for hospice and knowing that life is slipping through his fingers.  He tells me that he did NOT learn this from his mother.   She … Continue reading

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The only difference between me and my patient who is coming to the close of his life, is: I don’t “know” that I’m dying soon, but I, like the rest of humanity, will experience death, too.  I hope to be courageous at the … Continue reading

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I’ve transformed into a whiner recently. In a wash of self pity, I rubbed the side of my head, hard-hit as I had reached for my cane which had fallen beneath the kitchen table. I was obediently performing my hated … Continue reading

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At times, I am caught off guard by a word or a gesture.  Today, a group of numbers stunned me for a long moment.  I cradled Sara’s arm while I took her blood pressure, and saw the blue-black tattoo along … Continue reading

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I have heard in many stories from friends and loved ones, about the reassuring messages sent  from those who have died to those of us left here with feelings of loss and grief that must be journeyed through.  They seem … Continue reading

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 This week was the Professor’s final chapter.  He seemed hardly aware of how speedily he was heading towards the end, after so many discussions and his repeated statements of how he was ready and eager to go.  When the time … Continue reading

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There is a season….. “Gentlemen should die by the time they are my age”, says my 80 year old patient.  He is indeed a gentleman- one who is slowly wasting away and losing his ability to remember what he had … Continue reading

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 No one wants to hear the words “It‘s actually a blessing,” or “God took them because He needed them more than we did,” or “They had a wonderful life” or “They were just too good for this world”. Never appropriate … Continue reading

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