cThe only difference between me and my patient who is coming to the close of his life, is: I don’t “know” that I’m dying soon, but I, like the rest of humanity,
will experience death, too.  I hope to be courageous at the end of my life.  I hope to live now, this very moment, aware of this knowledge… to make it all count, conscious of how much life matters, and to live each day with courage.

Some days bring me tokens.

I have a picture of my sister with arms raised up to the sky, and the word “courage” etched in my mind.  My little sister is being the brave mother as her only daughter battles invasive breast cancer…diagnosed at the age of 32. 

So often I am reminded that life is fragile.  A moment in time brings a turnaround; a phone call with “news” causes us to veer off in another direction.  Cancer, the dreaded word, has visited my family recently and reminded us all, that our lives are forever changed in a split second.  

For my niece’s 33rd birthday, she received an implanted port for the chemotherapy treatments looming in the months ahead. She will undergo the hopefully life-saving and life-altering chemotherapy regimen designated effective for her type of cancer followed by disfiguring surgery. 

Life changes, in an instant. 

As we are blithely moving ahead, so busy managing all the details of our days, life nudges us and reminds us of simple things.
Hug your children, forgive the small offenses of others, spend time
doing what you value.  Be thankful.

Life has been amended this month.  October is breast cancer awareness month.  In my family, we are more than customarily aware. My C word for this month is not cancer….it is courage.  It is embodied in the beautiful spirit of my sister and niece.  

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