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In later years she lived in her memories.  They encompassed the early years of settling this land that would soon cradle her old bones.  Back then, the horse and buggy was the means of transport.  Then came the gravel road … Continue reading

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I watched a flock of geese flying into a field and recognized the poignant fact that fall was transitioning into winter.  I sensed a weight of sadness, knowing the individual shimmery colors would be replaced by grey, cold days, and … Continue reading

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We have a saying in hospice, “Leave your agenda at the door”. This is just a simple way of reminding each other to remember whose death it is that we are following, and who is in charge.  I often tell people, hospice … Continue reading

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As another New Year approaches, I thought about a patient from last year on New Year’s Day, who had finally stopped drinking-many years too late-but still finding some resolution in his last few months of life. Bondage in the dictionary is defined … Continue reading

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A woman who is one hundred years old is oh, so slowly dying; we all sit at the bedside and feel as though we are holding our breath.  She is still breathing.  Her family and I are wondering how a person can stay alive … Continue reading

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