diaryTradition says that a new year brings with it new hope and new goals. Some of us even write these down, placing a slip of paper carefully in a carved wooden box to bring out next year, the talisman of this year’s opportunities. Time brings with it new chances to begin again…while there is breath, there is hope.

A young woman is hopeful that this coming year NED (no evidence of disease) will be her companion again; her busy life has no room for sitting in chemo chairs and she wants to learn how to ski. An older man has the desire to complete a hike up Mount Hood with his grandson while his legs can still be commanded. A woman in her middle years has only begun, and she has so much to write in her memoirs to ensure her family will remember the stories when she is gone. Another man, living alone (without the help I know he will need soon), tells me he can’t be filled with worry about what’s to come, he only has today which he is still able to enjoy.

The common thread for them all, as each day brings a new sun (—Oh, harbinger of light and hope—)—is the weight of losses from yesterday. They could choose to pack this around and keep all of yesterday’s destruction the focus of today, bringing along the paralyzing reality that soon all will be lost. Instead these tangible losses become the things that are laid to rest, not to be dwelt on today… for there is much to consider and attempt before tomorrow…starting with thankfulness for the new day.

“Be not the first by whom the new are tried, Nor yet the last to lay the old aside.” – Alexander Pope

May your new year be a release from the past, filled with new hopes for the future, with reasons to rejoice in each new day.

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