Second time around

second time aroundAnyone who has been thru the demise of a marriage understands the bereavement process as you build your life again from the ashes of what could have, maybe would have been.

It is a painful journey, fraught with lonely moments and times of abject sadness. Will you find love again? The hope is there…waiting to see what life unfolds. I sat in the living room, a witness to the love shared as a couple talked about knowing someone had to be the one to go first. They had hoped to go together, but instead she was caring for his tired body as his days dwindled on this earth.

Love was palpable in the room.

She assured him that she really would be okay. They had thought they would only have a few years together,  a second marriage later in life for both of them. Twenty seven years later- they would be saying goodbye soon, maybe before he reached his 93rd birthday. They spoke of the blessedness of being friends through those years, and how their job now was to help each other’s children with the loss of the father/step-father/grandfather.

I had a great desire to have their conversation on video, for all those lonely people who found themselves suddenly without a partner, having to pick up the broken pieces of a dream. Life brings surprises, and love can be sweeter, kinder, perhaps even last longer the second time around.

I thought to myself as I listened, Look what was waiting for you.

Hope. Love. Friends.

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